Why choose Kangaroo?

Why choose Kangaroo?

Because it is not just about the pockets. We namely didn't just take the "normal" cycling jersey and moved pockets to the front. It is about small details that make you feel comfortable and increase practicality. Are you a recumbent cyclist, always searching for a quality made jersey with pockets on the front side? Do you like running or backpacking and you'd like to have some handy pockets on your jersey? With pockets in front you can wear a hydration pack or a backpack and carry your small camera or a snack on your front side. Would you prefer a sports jersey without any pockets at all? Well, no problem; we can deliver!

  • high quality materials

tamai materials used

  • 4 designs to choose from including pants and jackets
  • choose your pocket position and even color
  • reflective stripes on visible places for better safety
  • adapted for recumbent cycling
  • made in Slovenia (EU)
  • custom sizes and design on request


Presented for the first time at Spezialradmesse in Germersheim in 2012.

All orders according to your own custom profile

For each customer who will want a custom size and cut, we will create a personal profile with dimensions and chosen specifics, so you will always be able to order according to the tried and tested dimensions/cut. This way you will never have to worry, that next time you are ordering something, the new jersey or pants will be the same perfect fit for you. Think of it like your own personal tailor who knows what you like and what fits you best. Of course your profile can be updated with time according to your preferences. You do not want elastic at the bottom of the jersey? No elastic on the thighs for your shorts? Want a 3/4 pants? Sleeveless jersey? No problem. We can deliver. On our new website you will be able to store all these specifics and always place your orders without the need to specify all the details again. So you will not have to worry about a changed cut with the new season. If you will decide you want something new and fresh, but with exactly the same comfortable and perfect cut, just let us know with the order or drop us an e-mail and we will deliver!

Special handcycling clothing

Are you a wheelchair user and you like handcycling? Do you use handbike just for fun? Well, you'll be glad to hear we will soon present our own handcycling line of clothing. Specifically suited for each handbike geometry. Why? Recumbent race HandBike requires different specifics compared to trunk powered seated HandBike or KneeBike. So you will be able to choose appropriate clothing depending on the handbike position.