Choosing proper size

We have standard sizes ranging from S to XXL that you can choose from:

size weight (kg) a (cm) b (cm) c (cm) d (cm) e (cm) f (cm)
S 50 - 60 92 96 76 46 81 80
M 60 - 70 96 100 77 47 82 84
L 70 - 80 100 104 78 48 83 88
XL 80 - 90 105 109 79 49 84 93
XXL 90 + 110 119 80 50 86 98


As a reference, I am 182cm tall and have 70kg - size M fits perfectly. You can also measure yourself and order a custom size that will be made for you only. In most cases weight and height are already enough to choose the correct size. On a drawing below you can see all the positions in the measuring table.

body dimensions

  • When ordering a custom size you can also choose long sleeves (e)
  • Dimensions a,b and c represent circumference values

All orders according to your own custom profile

For each customer who will want a custom size and cut, we will create a personal profile with dimensions and chosen specifics, so you will always be able to order according to the tried and tested dimensions/cut. This way you will never have to worry, that next time you are ordering something, the new jersey or pants will be the same perfect fit for you. Think of it like your own personal tailor who knows what you like and what fits you best. Of course your profile can be updated with time according to your preferences. So you will not have to worry about a changed cut with the new season. If you will decide you want something new and fresh, but with exactly the same comfortable and perfect cut, just let us know with the order or drop us an e-mail and we will deliver! Visit us at SPEZI in Germersheim and create your personal profile! You do not have to order anything for that. But do not forget we have special pricing for our line till the end of April 2012!

Explanation of different cuts and pocket position

  • Extended cut for a jersey is 5cm longer than the torso height (d). This length is useful if you are also going to use the jersey for running or hiking. But the extended cut with a full length zip will form bumps when in a recumbent position.

Recumbent jersey length comparison

  • Higher pocket position is good for the use of jersey when you have your backpack on. This way you can also use them when you have a backpack hip strap closed around your waist as it does not run over the pockets.

High pocket position with backpack

Check out the video below for a visual comparison between jersey variations: